take control


Capture, develop and manage your requirements in a simple, intuitive environment that gives project stakeholders an accurate, comprehensive, and consistent view of your requirements throughout your project development lifecycle.


  • User-friendly GUIs to import/create/modify requirements.

  • Customizable schema for program-specific nomenclature.

  • Capable of supporting multiple system configurations.

  • Clear requirement traceability to system architecture.

  • Specification hierarchy with personnel write-access control capability.

  • Rich graphical representation of requirement parent/child relationships.

  • Ability to add digital assets including graphics, audio and video for richer and complete requirements definition.


  • Change control board interface to review/disposition requirement change proposals.

  • Change flags to notify stakeholders of pending requirement changes.

  • Automated requirement change history records.

  • Key word search capability across the entire requirements domain for quick and easy searches and change impact assessments.

  • Specification publishing to MS Word for any industry-specific template or format. Includes automated Verification Cross-Reference Matrix creation.

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