We leverage our vast space launch and missile defense experience by applying adaptable, consistent, standards-based engineering fundamentals to help you manage complex engineering and integration challenges, from concept through successful launch and operations.

Systems engineering

Top-down, closed-loop fundamentals-based approach based on industry-best practices and IEEE 15288 SE-adaptable processes:

  • Concepts of Operations

  • Systems and Architectural Design and Development

  • Requirements Definition and Analysis

  • Risk Management

  • Requirements Management

  • Requirements Verification Planning

Integration & Test

Requirements-driven, event-based approach compliant with your governing test policy & guidance:

  • Requirements-driven, Event-based Test & Evaluation Master Plan Development

  • Test Resource Utilization Planning & Asset De-confliction

  • Test Environment Certification

  • Test Readiness Review Preparation

  • Test Data Analysis & Reporting

  • Non-conformance Issue Identification & Tracking


NIST-compliant approach that integrates cyber from the start as a critical element of the holistic Systems Engineering solution:

  • Cyber Test & Evaluation

  • Cyber Tabletop Facilitation

  • Security Control Monitoring

  • Risk Management Framework (RMF) Implementation

  • Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence

mission assurance

Proven Independent Product and Process Assessments in support of mission readiness:

  • Mission Critical Requirements Definition & Assessment

  • Key Technology Insertion Oversight

  • Design Certification Reviews

  • Vendor Mission Readiness

  • Day of Launch Countdown Checklist Review

Subject Matter Experts

Seasoned professionals with specialized expertise:

  • Reliability Engineering

  • Analog Power Distribuition Engineering

  • Electrical Circuit Design and Test

  • Mechanical Design and Test

  • Thermal Engineering

  • Hazards and Safety Engineering

  • RF Communications Analysis

Photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense

Photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense