Celeris is a leading technology integrator that provides full lifecycle software solutions for complex government and commercial programs.  Our next generation software solution, "iRIS®", links LEAN and agile philosophies to systems engineering and event-based testing to increase the comprehensiveness of system verification at a significantly reduced cost.  From requirements management to system verification and deployment, iRIS® ensures key information is common knowledge among the entire team to ensure a well-coordinated and synchronized effort for large and small programs alike.


iRIS® is critical in helping us shape the future of our program. It helps us understand where we’re at and what we need to do to meet our program objectives.
— US Air Force Program Customer

Built on sound Systems Engineering, Integration & Test fundamentals, iRIS® provides a highly collaborative environment to efficiently plan and execute requirement management and verification activities for your program.

simplified requirements management

  • User-friendly GUIs to capture, create & modify system requirements
  • Clear requirement traceability to the system architecture
  • Customizable schema for program-specific nomenclature
  • Change flags to notify stakeholders of pending requirement changes
  • Key word search capability across the entire requirement set
  • Automated Verification Cross-reference Matrix generation
  • Specification publishing to MS Word for any industry-specific template or format

Reduced Cost of T&E Tasks

  • Eliminates duplication of tests
  • Clearly defines test and verification completion criteria
  • Removes dependency on people-movement of data
  • Provides rapid assessment of T&E requirements changes
  • Optimizes test resource utilization with all stakeholders
  • Relieves practitioners from tedious, non-productive bookkeeping activities

Increased Situational Awareness

  • Enhanced visualization of requirements verification and validation program
  • Collaborative, real-time communication across entire test community
  • Clear linkage from test event to capability delivery

MITIGATES Transition to Operations risk

  • Delivers high confidence in Technical Performance Measure forecasting
  • Automated tracking of mission critical parameters
  • Test anomaly resolution and mitigation
  • Clear traceability from baseline requirements to compliance artifacts

Fully Extensible

iRIS® contains data connectors that enable tool-to-tool integration with popular commercial products such as:

  • IBM Rational® DOORS®
  • Microsoft Office (Word & Excel)
  • Microsoft Project 
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle

Providing the Right Information at the Right Time in the Right Format to the Decision Makers!

Photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense