We apply our systems engineering fundamentals across the board when it comes to cyber.  The top-down, closed-loop approach embedded in our iRIS® RMF module automates all phases of RMF implementation, from system definition, to controls allocation, to verification planning and execution, through final ATO.  Built on our patented event-based platform, the iRIS® RMF module will guide your team through development and delivery of requirement NIST-compliant data packages that provide clear traceability from controls to compliance artifacts, giving you the power to pass the most rigorous of customer audits and mitigate the risk of omissions or inaccuracies.


RMF Implementation Challenges

The RMF process focuses on documentation of risk mitigation rather than the specific technical implementation requirements that were previous provided by the Office of the Designated Approving Authority Baseline. Facility Security Officers and Information System Security Managers will need to individually assess each requirement (or security control), provide an implementation recommendation for that requirement, and a detailed explanation of how the particular control implementation meets each control requirement.  It’s an intensive process, new to many Industry security personnel, and is compounded by the need to execute the RMF within program budget and schedule constraints.

Our Approach


Our team has in-depth experience in efficiently analyzing system risks and recommending the appropriate controls for mitigation of evolving threats. Utilizing our iRIS® RMF module,  we verify and continuously monitor the compliance status of security controls throughout the system development lifecycle.   Our dedicated cyber team will partner with your organization to ensure that the appropriate level of security is implemented from program start. 


Trust But Verify…Continuously

We plan ahead and validate cybersecurity controls in accordance with RMF to obtain and maintain Federal IT system Authorization to Test, Interim Authorization to Operate, and ultimately an ATO.  We support the RMF A&A process by providing version-controlled artifacts and documentation to the Security Controls Assessor as required. Once approved, our cyber engineers import artifacts into the Federal eMASS system. 

We can assist throughout the lifecycle process whether you are just beginning or if you are already in progress.

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