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Built on sound Systems Engineering, Integration & Test fundamentals, iRIS® Professional provides a highly collaborative environment to efficiently plan and execute requirements management, test and verification activities for your project. 




Capture, develop and manage your requirements in a simple, intuitive environment that gives project stakeholders an accurate, comprehensive, and consistent view of your requirements throughout your project development lifecycle.


  • User-friendly GUIs to import/create/modify requirements.
  • Customizable schema for program-specific nomenclature.
  • Capable of supporting multiple system configurations.
  • Clear requirement traceability to system architecture.
  • Specification hierarchy with personnel write-access control capability.
  • Rich graphical representation of requirement parent/child relationships.
  • Ability to add digital assets including graphics, audio and video for richer and complete requirements definition.


  • Change control board interface to review/disposition requirement change proposals.
  • Change flags to notify stakeholders of pending requirement changes.
  • Automated requirement change history records.
  • Key word search capability across the entire requirements domain for quick and easy searches and change impact assessments.
  • Specification publishing to MS Word for any industry-specific template or format.  Includes automated Verification Cross-Reference Matrix creation.

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With the flexibility to be tailored to your specific workflow, iRIS® will help you define, manage and track all requirement verification activities for your project.  Using a "begin with the end in mind" philosophy, our Event Based Planning (EBP) process will guide your team through development and delivery of requirement verification plans and data packages that provide clear traceability from baseline requirements to compliance artifacts, giving you the power to pass the most rigorous of customer audits and mitigate the risk of omissions or inaccuracies.


  • Customizable schema for industry-specific nomenclature.
  • Templates will help you establish a verification program baseline quickly and easily.
  • Clear identification of requirements to be verified, resources required, dependencies, and compliance artifacts needed for each verification event.
  • Seamless verification event integration with MS Project schedules.
  • Electronic signature approval capability for verification plan and Test Readiness Reviews (TRRs).
  • Verification event baselining and configuration control.


  • Perform comprehensive stakeholder reviews using customizable cross-reference matrices to balance requirement allocations to events or streamline/eliminate costly redundant test events.
  • Review event plans to ensure efficient resource utilization for all levels of verification.
  • Increase focus and visibility on mission critical requirements and Technical Performance Measurements (TPMs).


  • Tight coupling of requirements to verification events provides real-time, accurate insight into the state of the whole verification program.
  • Changes in the requirements and test phases are automatically synchronized and tracked to provide end-to-end bidirectional requirements traceability.
  • Integrated nature of "event based" architecture provides transparency at all levels of verification, giving you increased situational awareness and the ability for your organization to respond dynamically to changing conditions.

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Use great looking, out-of-the-box reports such as Burndown, Gannt, Stoplight charts or create your own with a familiar Excel-like experience to quickly measure progress and communicate effectively with your team, executives and stakeholders.


Leverage the power of our patended event-based platform with our add-on modules to ensure project specialty disciplines remain an integral part of your day-to-day execution (licensed separately):

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