iRIS® is a Windows-based software platform that provides a comprehensive, end-to-end Systems Engineering, Integration & Test (SEIT) management solution.  iRIS® integrates system architecture, requirements, schedules, and event-based verification planning data into a comprehensive framework that tightly couples SEIT engineering disciplines to unify your product development ecosystem, drive down cost, and dramatically simplify your path to mission success.

The Value of Team Performance

Delivering complex systems in today’s fiscally constrained environment requires vision, innovation and proven strategies. iRIS® provides a complete lifecycle management solution that will help your organization to embrace an open, agile and collaborative approach to developing and delivering products.


Unleash the Power of Your Data!

While not everyone needs to know everything about the system being delivered, key information should be common knowledge among the entire team to ensure a well-coordinated and synchronized effort. iRIS® provides the process backbone to efficiently define, manage and communicate all the key information you need to successfully develop and deliver your product:

  • Highly efficient V-model process that integrates architecture, requirements and event-based verification planning data into an open, unified platform.
  • Enables real time collaboration so users work from a common baseline, are aware of pending changes, and know the project status.
  • Open architecture enables you to implement iRIS® anywhere in your project lifecycle and integrate with tools you already use including:
    • Requirements Management Tools (including IBM DOORS®)
    • Risk Management Tools (including Active Risk Manager)
    • Action and Issue Databases
    • Personnel Databases
    • Givers and Receivers Databases
    • Scheduling Tools (such as MS Project)

Proven Benefits


Proven on large scale Department of Defense and NASA programs, the processes embedded in iRIS® will dramatically increase the efficiency of your organization by removing development silos, integrating applications, and providing real-time access to key project information.

  • Automated processes eliminate wasted effort and control project cost through increased productivity.
  • Tightly couples systems engineering and test teams to keep your organization focused on delivering a product that satisfies system baseline requirements and maximizes the re-use of engineering data.
  • Enables transparency and visibility so stakeholders can be engaged in assessment and optimization of the overall system integration and verification planning effort.
  • Reduces meeting times and helps gain early stakeholder buy-in throughout product development and sustainment.
  • Optimizes the overall requirements verification program and eliminates redundant test activities.
  • Enables rapid development of contingency plans and work-around(s) as problems arise.
  • Relieves practitioners of tedious, non-productive bookkeeping activities.
  • Provides clear linkage from test events to capability delivery.

iRIS® is critical in helping us shape the future of our program. It helps us understand where we’re at and what we need to do to meet our program objectives.
— US Air Force Program Customer

Your Platform, Your Choice

iRIS®  does not require user configuration or customization – it is ready to use right out of the box. Simple, intuitive, Windows-based graphical user interfaces create a desktop environment that dramatically reduces user ramp-up time, giving individual users or geographically distributed teams the ability to deliver immediate results. iRIS® can be used as a standalone product or can be connected to commercially available 3rd party applications to leverage the tools you already use.

Independent of the size, scope or complexity of your project, iRIS® Professional provides a powerful turnkey solution to manage the requirements of your system and efficiently communicate verification plans across distributed teams. Our open collaboration platform is designed to promote collaboration and increase overall team efficiency and agility.  

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All the features of iRIS® Professional in a scalable and extensible environment that enables data integration with popular commercial applications resulting in tight coupling of information on a unified, process-based platform.  

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Photos courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense