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Celeris Releases iRIS Version 4.9.6

ANAHEIM, CA., February 20, 2018 - ANAHEIM, CA., February 20, 2018 - Celeris is excited to announce the release of the latest in a series of software upgrades designed to make it easier than ever to collect test data, integrate lessons learned, and report progress toward meeting program milestones.

“Developing or modernizing todays systems can be a highly complex challenge, since it may require synchronizing engineering efforts across multiple on-going programs. Using traditional tools to perform these activities is often expensive, hard to implement, and may not yield the desired return on investment for Program Management. Furthermore, these methods often fail to take full advantage of all the data collected throughout all phases of system development." said Angel Martinez, CEO of Celeris. "There are many variables that organizations must consider in formulating the system integration strategy.  The approach must account for the full spectrum of testing - from unit tests in the lab through final integrated system-level tests in the field and everything in between.  All of these sources of information can be valuable, but efficiently integrating them into a cohesive plan that will extract meaningful information as efficiently as possible requires vision, innovation and proven strategies.   iRIS® harnesses the power of a robust relational database management system to simplify this complex engineering challenge. By leveraging our proven event-based approach to streamline the data acquisition and reporting process, iRIS® provides program leadership with the continuous feedback needed to ensure system integration issues are identified and resolved as early as possible."

Additional features and capabilities of this software release are discussed in this white paper.

iRIS® is a process-based software solution that has demonstrated significant process efficiency improvements on DoD programs. iRIS® does not require user configuration or customization – it is ready to use right out of the box. Simple, intuitive graphical user interfaces create a desktop environment that dramatically reduces user ramp-up time, giving team members the ability to deliver immediate results. iRIS® can be used as a standalone product or can be connected to a server and fits easily within existing system development processes. 

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