It's Not If, but When

Although cyberattacks have been around for as long as the Internet has, organizations are more vulnerable now than ever in our hyper-connected world.  With Celeris by your side, you can rest assured your data is being cost-effectively protected by the best people, technology, and processes in the world. 




We identify the assets and connectivity within in your cloud and on-premises environments.  We also discover all the IP-enabled devices on your network, determining what software and services are installed on them, how they’re configured, and identify any vulnerabilities.



Using a "top-down" approach, we develop a security roadmap unique to your organization.  Celeris collaborates with your organization to map technology requirements to business goals through in-depth understanding of your IT environment, the key applications that drive your business, and your business-critical connections.


We develop a proactive strategy to identify and prioritize threats, extend threat detection, minimize or eliminate vulnerabilities, and refine your security processes.



We employ active security measures that combine discovery, threat intelligence, and internally developed threat detection capabilities to protect your network against known dangers and respond effectively as threats emerge. Plus, you can continuously monitor for signs of emerging threats. 


Scalable solutions

Whether your organization is a government agency, diverse multinational corporation, or small business, Celeris can help manage and protect IT assets and sensitive data without the cost of an in-house network security organization.


Celeris provides government and enterprise with a wide range of risk mitigation, threat assessment, vulnerability management and NIST-compliance services.

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We understand all aspects of the cybersecurity life cycle - from design of defenses to monitoring to remediation to testing and assessment of your current security posture.

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