Passion is everything. Innovation doesn’t happen without it. From pioneering the original "fiber-to-the-home" technology to conceiving brain-like microprocessors, we build upon the best ideas and solutions for our customers and encourage our engineers to become passionate champions of change. 


Brain-like Microprocessor


Patented brain-like microprocessor (9,558,779), beyond Moore's Law.  Patented System on Chip (SoC) based on a microprocessor (including a graphical processor) or a neural processor (e.g., brain-inspired processor) which is electrically coupled with electronic memory devices and/or optically coupled with an optical memory device with unique applications in:

  • Cognitive Computing

  • Big Data Analysis

Ultra-Fast Optical Switch


Patented optical switch (9,746,746) with a switching speed of less than 10 nanoseconds with unique applications in Computing

  • High Performance Data Center; Optical Communication (Internet)

  • Optical Add-Drop Subsystem For Internet

  • Switched Gigabit-To-The-Home Over Optical Fiber