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This is an exciting time for space! The demand for space launch systems to be developed and fielded in shorter timeframes has increased dramatically in recent years but so too has the potential for increased risk.  This risk is increased even further for geographically dispersed teams trying to synchronize mission readiness efforts across differing time zones with disconnected tools and processes.  Using traditional tools to perform these activities is often expensive and time-consuming to implement since they require user customization out of the box.  In addition, most tools are fundamentally backward-looking and provide decision-makers with only high-level summaries without access to the underlying data.

Celeris Systems offers you an agile, disciplined and repeatable approach to mission readiness through the use of iRIS®, our turnkey software solution designed to help you keep pace with our rapidly developing space industry. Based on our vast space launch experience that includes missions flown out of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, and the Reagan Test Site in the Marshall Islands, iRIS® combines adaptable, consistent, standards-based engineering fundamentals with the latest innovations in digital engineering technology to accelerate your entire mission readiness timeline - from concept through launch.

iRIS® integrates system architecture, requirements, cyber controls, verification planning data and schedules into an event-based digital framework that will provide you with real-time, ground-truth status of your system in development - from unit tests in the lab through final integrated system-level tests on the launch pad.  iRIS® will help you uncover potential issues early and avoid launch delay by keeping you informed using our insightful mission readiness dashboards and reports that enable users to "drill-down" to evaluate underlying data.

unleash the collective brilliance of your team!


With the flexibility to be tailored to your specific workflow, iRIS® will unify your product development ecosystem so teams work from a common baseline, are aware of pending changes, and maximize re-use of engineering data. This will allow you to reduce meeting times and improve overall team communication throughout all phases of mission readiness.

In addition to helping you meet system performance and interface requirements, the processes embedded in iRIS® will ensure you comply with all regulatory and specialty engineering requirements including safety, environmental and cyber.