We apply our systems engineering fundamentals across the board when it comes to cyber.  The top-down, closed-loop approach embedded in our iRIS® RMF module automates all phases of RMF implementation, from system definition, to controls allocation, to verification planning and execution, through final ATO.  Built on our patented event-based platform, the iRIS® RMF module will guide your team through development and delivery of requirement NIST-compliant data packages that provide clear traceability from controls to compliance artifacts, giving you the power to pass the most rigorous of customer audits and mitigate the risk of omissions or inaccuracies.

  • Manages cyber requirements (security controls) similarly to functional requirements using the Risk Management Framework.

  • Event-based test and verification used to manage security control compliance and risk burndown.


  • Enables earlier management of cyber risks by managing cybersecurity as a natural component of the system engineering V instead of as an afterthought.

  • Drive down costs and schedule by verifying security controls during functional testing.