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job openings:

ID # Position Location
15-0167 Information Technology Specialist Oahu, HI
15-0168 Jr./Mid/Sr. Engineering Technicians Oahu, HI
15-0169 Jr./Mid/Sr. Maintenance Technicians Oahu, HI, Kauai HI, Guam
15-0170 Computer Systems Technicians Oahu, HI
15-0171 Word Processor Oahu, HI
15-0172 Accounting Clerk Oahu, HI
15-0173 General Clerk Oahu, HI
15-0174 Undersea Systems Helper Maintenance (USHM) Kauai, HI
15-0175 Software Tools Analyst Oahu, HI
15-0176 Infrastructure Coordinator (Safety/Security/Environmental/Facilities) Oahu, HI
15-0177 Electrical Engineer Oahu, HI
15-0178 Program Analyst Oahu, HI
15-0179 Data Entry Operator Oahu, HI
15-0180 Material Handler Laborer Kauai, HI
15-0181 Order Filler Oahu, HI
15-0182 Machinist - Part Time Oahu, HI
15-0183 Trades Helper Oahu, HI
15-0184 Jr./Mid/Sr. Engineering Technicians San Diego, CA
15-0185 Jr./Mid/Sr. Undersea Maintenance Technicians (USTM) San Diego, CA
15-0186 Undersea Systems Helper Maintenance (USHM) San Diego, CA
15-0187 Word Processor San Diego, CA
15-0188 Accounting Clerk San Diego, CA
15-0189 General Clerk San Diego, CA
15-0190 Material Handler Laborer San Diego, CA
15-0191 Data Entry Operator San Diego, CA
15-0193 Computer Systems Analyst San Diego, CA
15-0210 Afloat Training Group On-Site Representative Yokosuka, Japan
15-0211 Engineering Technician-SONAR Tech Pearl Harbor, HI
15-0500 Mid-Level Space Segment Software Test Engineer El Segundo, CA
15-0501 Senior Systems Requirements Engineer-Analyst.html El Segundo, CA
15-0502 Senior Space Segment Software Engineer El Segundo, CA
15-0503 Mid-to-Senior Level Space Segment Test Engineer El Segundo, CA
15-0504 Mid-level System Engineer Requirements & Interfaces Analyst El Segundo, CA
15-0505 Senior System Requirements Engineer Requirements & Interfaces Analyst El Segundo, CA
15-0506 Mid-Level Requirements & Interfaces Systems Engineer El Segundo, CA
15-0507 IVP Deputy Lead - Integrated Verification and Planning Team El Segundo, CA
15-0508 Mid-to-Senior Level Systems Engineer - Integrated Verification & Planning El Segundo, CA
15-0603 Junior Engineer (Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical or Acoustic) Panama City, Florida
15-0605 Computer Systems Analyst (Systems Analyst - Sonar) Panama City, Florida
15-0607 Data Entry Operator I Panama City, Florida

Please forward your resume to recruiting@celeris-systems.com or if you would like additional information please contact us at careers@celeris-systems.com

Celeris Systems, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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Celeris Systems has a history of hiring talented individuals and giving them the tools and opportunities to grow without big firm bureaucracy. We pride ourselves on being able to move quickly and efficiently in making decisions and driving value for our clients while maintaining a comfortable and supportive atmosphere among our staff.


As a small firm, Celeris Systems is looking for talented professionals who desire a career in a fast-paced and challenging environment. We offer an environment where staff can work closely with leaders in our firm and have strong professional development exposure.


Benefits include:

  • Competitive benefits package
  • Strong entrepreneurial values
  • Exposure to clients and firm leaders
  • Challenging and rewarding work
  • Strong, growing business