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  An Engineering Services Company


Welcome to Celeris Systems, Inc.

Celeris Systems derives its name from a Latin word meaning "swift or rapid". The name reflects one of the basic principles of the company - that Celeris Systems and our employees respond quickly and aggressively to solve our customers' needs. Simply put - we add more value at lower cost with faster response. Our fundamental objective is to provide real value for our customers by providing innovative, focused, and responsive project management and systems engineering support to your programs. Celeris Systems is founded on talented employees effectively applying advanced technology and sound business management principles.

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Innovative Applications of Technology and Expertise.

At Celeris Systems, we believe collaboration is the key to success. As the industry’s most innovative solution to requirements, verification, and test management, our next-generation software tool "iRIS" will give your team data visibility across domains enabling transparent collaboration and exchange of ideas for stakeholders at all levels of integration.
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ISO-9001 & AS-9100 Certified.

The AS and ISO standards define internationally recognized quality management systems. To be certified to the standard, companies must implement a quality management system embracing the activities of the company. These include staff training, meeting customer expectations, designing and developing products, purchasing materials and services, and delivering products and services.  Read More »